Courageous HSP's

Are your communication skills failing you?

Are You...

  • Exhausted by a conflict you have with one or several people?

  • Stuck in communication patterns that hurt you, your relationships and your overall well-being?​

  • Failing to make sense of your emotions and effectively communicate them?​

  • At a loss of knowing how to communicate with people who take everything personally?


What's Going On?

Your are exhausted.


Communication is draining your energy and you don't resolve any conflict.


You keep bumping into limiting beliefs that prevent you from being at peace with yourself, and finding your own voice in the way you communicate.

You are failing to make sense of your own emotions, though you know it's the essence of a communication that effectively addresses conflicts and solves them.

  • Change your strategy and regain your energy

  • Make sense of your own feelings and clearly understand what they communicate with you

  • Communicate your feelings and needs in a caring and compassionate way

  • Be able to listen to other people's feeling without taking things personally

  • Challenge and transform those limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want

You Want to...

Who I am...

I'm Ludwig, I am a professional coach and I love working with people who are outside of society's standards. 

I help them transform the way they communicate with themselves and the people around them.  I like to think of myself as a catalyst for personal and interpersonal transformation.

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