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Working With "Parts" of Us

What makes me different?

I use a holistic approach : I work with the mind, body, emotions and spirits, and on the people around you. I focus a lot of my attention on your inner world, and I also focus on how your world-view impacts the people around you and vice-versa. In other words,

I'll focus on you and the impact you have on people,

which in turn will make you learn even more about yourself.

My Guiding Beliefs and Values

Every Emotion Has a Message and is Therefore Welcome

Effective Communication Starts with Yourself

Relationships are Meant to Serve the People in Them

You Hold the Solution that You are Looking For

You have a Far Greater Potential than You Believe You do

No Significant Change Takes Place Overnight Without any Action

There is no Such Thing as a Standard that Fits All

Self-work Reconnects us with our Freedom of Choice

Neurodiversity is a gift

Society influences us, whether we are aware of it or not

What Results Can You Expect?





You’ll build up the trust required to listen to your inner critics with confidence, curiosity, calm and compassion. As a result, you'll heal a lot of parts of your inner system.​

You will learn how to communicate your feelings, emotions and needs in a way that maximizes mutual understanding and minimizes tensions. Knowing precisely what you actually need, you will learn to communicate with other people in a non-violent way, taking responsibility for your own feelings and allowing other people to take responsibility for theirs.​

You'll also build the capacity to transform limiting beliefs. You'll no longer be blocked by them, but instead you'll learn to listen to the hidden meanings of these beliefs with heartfelt curiosity, and build the courage to challenge them.

Ultimately, this will have tremendous impact on the way you communicate, and will dramatically improve your well-being and the one of the people around you. Since you'll be able to listen to people with the same calm and compassionate attitude you will have learned to listen to yourself, tensions and misunderstandings will be dramatically reduced, conflicts will be resolved more efficiently and will become a way to deepen relationships, build trust and work on yourself without taking things personally.

Does this resonate with you ?

Ludwig Hemeleers

Catalyst for Personal

and Interpersonal


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

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