Who I Work With

Are you stuck in communication patterns that prevents you from operating at your optimal level? 

I work with people who are experiencing communication troubles that drain their energy, their time and cut off their ability to listen with compassion and effectively solve conflicts. 

What's the Problem?

The emotions that are triggered, inside of them and with the other people involved, prevent everybody from behaving and listening calmly and compassionately, and find solutions.


Conflicts aren't resolved, issues aren't addressed, accusations are made on both sides (who both feel that they are “right”) and no one feels heard and understood.

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I Love to Work with

People Who Strives to Become

  • Authentic - value authenticity and honesty

  • Self-Aware - know the importance of owning their feelings and emotions

  • Curious - are very interested in exploring their inner world

  • Realistic - know that they can't change themselves overnight

  • Relentless - aren't the type to give up on first difficulties

  • Leaders by example - have a lifestyle that reflects what they believe the world should look like.

Does this sound like you?

Ludwig Hemeleers

Catalyst for Personal

and Interpersonal


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

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